A Need for Change | Carolina Urology Partners

By Dr. Robert Gossett Much attention is being given to Senate Bill 33, a medical liability reform bill passed by the state Senate and now being considered in the House. The measure seeks to reduce the need for defensive medicine, lower health care costs, and expand ...
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Management of Calyceal Calculi | Carolina Urology Partners

Todd D. Cohen, MD and Glenn M. Preminger, MD From the Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center (GMP), and the Division of Urology, Department of Surgery (TDC, GMP), Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina The treatment of renal calculi has undergone dramatic changes compared with all other aspects of urologic ...
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What You Need to Know About Vasectomy Reversals

By Thomas H. Douglas, MD Background:One of the most common procedures we perform as urologists is a vasectomy—an office procedure to prevent the flow of sperm into the ejaculate by dividing the vas deferens on both sides of the scrotum.  This is almost always performed through ...
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Prostate Cancer Early Detection – Why Is It Important?

By Robert L. Waterhouse, Jr., MDWhat is the prostate gland?The prostate gland is a small organ (the size of a walnut in the non-diseased state) that lies at the base of the bladder in men.  When it grows, it can interfere with bladder emptying because ...
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